Consulting & Project Methodology

Sound Advice from XFT: The Right Method for Every Project

Document, File, and Process Management Integrated within Your SAP Landscape

We don’t just come to your company and say, “This is how it’s done.” Instead, we say, “Let’s do it together.” This is because software projects require close teamwork. To start with, our experts analyze your systems and processes. We then work with you in workshops to develop solution proposals, architecture, and application designs.

Honest and Strategic Consulting

Working on demanding projects for many years hasn’t just taught us technical and specialist expertise. We also understand just how important the interpersonal aspects are. A friendly but honest approach is a guarantee for success.

What other software and consulting companies promise is the standard for us – innovative and personalized solutions in the shortest possible time. Software development forms the active core of XFT. Our products and solutions are 100-percent based on SAP technology and can be completely integrated into your SAP system.

When we implement a solution, we always think outside the box. How can we incorporate an existing or new storage infrastructure? Would adding a scanning or OCR solution add value? Or what about including SAP HANA Enterprise Search to simplify searching for content? We will advise you on all this.

Go-live services ensure you get off to the perfect start. But we are also there for you after this stage. We have been working with many of our customers for years and even decades. After all, digitalization is an ongoing process.


SAP expertise: We’re closely connected with SAP – geographically, personally, and technologically.

XFT products and solutions: Key functions are ready to go as standard. The rest follows shortly after.

Project methodology: We adapt our working methods flexibly to your wishes and processes.

From Simple to Highly Complex: How Can We Support You?

Standard requirements

It’s highly likely that you are facing the same challenges as many other companies. There’s a strong chance that our core and application products cover your needs. Proven procedures and best practices quickly yield the best results.

Advanced requirements

Are your processes more complex, meaning that conventional approaches aren’t enough? We precisely implement your requirements using our own standard solutions.

Custom requirements

Are you facing completely new and unique challenges? Or do you have ideas but not the right tools? Let us work together to find a solution. From professional applications to technical architecture – you’ll be amazed at what is possible.

Project Methodology in Transformation

Looking for agile development? We’ve got you covered. However, this alone isn’t always enough. Every project requires a different approach. Fortunately, our consultants have a diverse range of expertise. This ensures we find the best solution for every challenge – from developing application architectures to creating solution samples for technical processes and configuring solutions.

Do you have a suggestion that could help our software run even more effectively, or is there a function that could help you? Then let’s discuss it. We develop new approaches in collaborative workshops. This has often resulted in long-term development partnerships.

Agile methods for developing optimal software

Developing a solution that exactly meets your requirements is an important step. But what happens if your requirements change? The more explicitly your wishes are defined in program structure and code, the more complex even the smallest changes become. For this reason, we consistently use service-oriented architecture (SOA). If something can be formulated in general terms, we’ll gladly oblige. In this way, you remain as flexible as possible.

We also apply this principle to our own products. Core products, such as XFT Task Manager and XFT Queue Manager include general functions that are almost always required. Application products like XFT Personnel File and XFT Invoice Manager provide the link to clear business uses. This is beneficial for you, as with customer-specific developments we can utilize established products and implement numerous functions via configuration. If this still isn’t enough, we can expand our offering further.

This procedure saves you a lot of time and stress – and you can be sure that everything will ultimately run smoothly. In addition, XFT applications exclusively use SAP core technologies and standardized interfaces. Applications can therefore be easily integrated into your existing system landscape and remain functional even during updates and new releases.

Watch your software grow

Honestly put, implementing and introducing integrated applications can be challenging – made more difficult by underlying processes. Everyone involved has different ideas and wishes. On top of this, programmers, administrators, and consultants often don’t speak the same language.

In many projects, we don’t just try to clarify all requirements in advance. We create a prototype as early as possible. Defined application functions can be used to discuss and plan which path you want to take. We refine and expand the prototype across several steps and, therefore, quickly and flexibly help you achieve your goal.

The XFT product range makes this possible. It contains key functions as standard, but it is also flexible so that your personal requirements can be fulfilled. If something isn’t giving you what you need, we can build upon what you’re using. You are there at every planning stage – enabling you to see how quickly your solution develops.

Proven methods for continuous compliance with external specifications

The prototyping principle thrives on openness. However, in certain situations this can unnecessarily hold you back. For example, what if you operate in a highly regulated environment and must strictly adhere to many external requirements? Or what if processes have already been defined and described in detail?

In these cases, conventional project management for software is your best option. You formulate a product requirements document and we take care of the scope document. On this basis, the system is initiated, configured, and implemented. This grants you flexibility, as, wherever possible, we also use XFT products that contain many functions that may not have been considered when formulating the specifications.

Everything works out – even in complex cases

What is the most important success factor in software development? Speaking to each other. For this reason, we place high value on collaborative workshops. Depending on the scope and type of project environment, these can take place as frequently as necessary.

We determine the details together during project planning as well as the method in individual project phases. This doesn’t result in a textbook approach – which is a benefit. The only decisive factor is that you achieve your project goals confidently and quickly.


Training from and with XFT

Do you want to implement further developments yourself? Great! We can teach your employees how to independently develop functions and apply them to other scenarios. We provide training courses on this to give you the know-how.

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