XFT Purchase Manager

Procure Quality

Handle Purchasing Processes throughout Your Company

Despite the importance of strategic and operative purchasing, procurement processes are often not centralized. Generally, your employees will deal with complicated processes and documents from a wide range of sources. This can lead to delays, especially if your procurement depends on numerous other factors – in project purchasing, construction, or other large-scale projects, for example.

With XFT Purchase Manager, you can manage all your SAP purchasing processes – from the purchase requisition and order, through to goods receipt and invoice verification. At a glance, you see who is working on an order and can check the order or approval status. This makes procurement simpler and faster, and you can analyze it in greater detail.

How It Works

XFT Purchase Manager serves as a control center for your procurement operation. It gathers all relevant information in procurement transaction files. Every SAP document, purchase requisition, and invoice is stored digitally. As you already know from your SAP system, this allows you to fully automate your procurement processes.

You can simply drag and drop files into folders directly from your e-mails or file system. XFT Purchase Manager is so easy to use that your employees will prefer it to time-consuming standard functions. That means your employees will fill in all details of transaction files and keep all documentation up to date. As a result, you can confidently answer any audit or compliance inquiries.


An end-to-end process: As you can continue to use the standard SAP functions that you are familiar with, you save time and effort.

Automatic updates and documentation: The entire procurement process is fully documented – leaving you with more time to focus on other areas.

More transparency over responsibilities: It is easy to define and keep track of approvals and permissions.

Standardized search: Through the central filter and search function, you can instantly locate any procurement-related document.

Want to find out more? Our fact sheet gives you a brief overview of all functions and useful information.

Fully Integrated into Your SAP System

Manage your procurement processes centrally with XFT Purchase Manager. With just one click, you can navigate directly from the transaction file to an SAP transaction, allowing you to view contracts, compare order confirmations, and check incoming invoices.


Companies That Use XFT Products

A wide variety of industries, all with similar challenges – these companies simplify their daily work with XFT products from the Purchasing & Legal category.

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