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Simplify Contract Management – Directly in Your SAP System

Contracts are at the heart of any business. But the amount of administrative time and effort required is high. Also, particularly when you’re dealing with numerous suppliers, customers, and subsidiaries, it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. The resulting consequences of this range from missed discount opportunities to disruptions in logistics, and even penalties that threaten your business. The solution? XFT Contract Manager. You can use this add-on with your SAP system to combine all required contract information in one place. This simplifies contract management while saving time and money.

In which area would you like to improve contract management?

Your purchasing department must ensure that the right goods arrive at the right time. But this alone is not enough. Do you know whether your supplier always complies with all delivery conditions? Do the terms match the contractual agreements? Are agreed conditions still profitable for your business? With XFT Contract Manager, your procurement department is always able to provide information – and has what it needs to take action when necessary. All legal documents are centrally available, including for contract termination or extension. In this way, you maintain complete control.

How It Works

XFT Contract Manager enables you to optimize how you manage all important types of contracts in procurement. These include framework agreements with suppliers and service providers, conditional contracts, IT contracts, and also maintenance contracts for plants and much more.

The contract file acts as the core. It is fully integrated into your SAP MM procurement module. All important information is directly linked and just one click away – from vendor master data to material orders and equipment lists.

Good prices and realistic delivery conditions are necessities for your sales team. For sales success, your office and field staff must work together in harmony. This is only possible if all employees have the same information – and that this is always reliable and up to date. XFT Contract Manager enables you to centrally manage all customer contracts and related documents. Your sales team has all the information it needs at its fingertips, including prices, deadlines, warranty risks, and logistics data during production, delivery, and in the warehouse. All of this is available at the touch of a button.

How It Works

XFT Contract Manager enables you to enhance your contract management for sales. You maintain an overview of forward purchase agreements, call contracts, and service contracts as well as many other types of contracts.

In addition, the centralized contract file is fully integrated into your SAP SD sales module. This means that your contracts are directly linked to all relevant information, such as customer master data. In this way, you can access the information you need much faster.

Anyone who deals with contracts in your company will also be involved with the legal department. And that’s a good thing. After all, the legal team is responsible for contractual risks and regulatory compliance. With XFT Contract Manager, you can directly involve your legal experts in the contract creation process. This makes it much easier to implement specifications in the creation process – and then implement them reliably and efficiently.

How It Works

XFT Contract Manager enables you to fulfill your legal obligations when creating contracts. Regardless of whether your procurement and sales departments are negotiating new contracts or drawing up IP or intercompany contracts, your legal department maintains a complete overview.

Your legal experts can access all business partner master data and documents, and, therefore, fulfill their role of ensuring quality.


Maximum contract reliability: Your specialist departments and the legal team have access to reliable, up-to-date contract data at all times.

Smart notifications: The software automatically notifies you about upcoming appointments and events, such as a contract approaching the end of its duration.

More convenient and efficient: Thanks to the intuitive user interface, you can quickly get results.

End-to-end compliance: Manage the entire lifecycle of your contracts in a single interface – directly in your SAP system.

Want to find out more? Our fact sheet gives you a brief overview of all functions and useful information.

Fully Integrated into Your SAP System

Manage your contracts centrally with XFT Contract Manager. You have all the functions you need to minimize risks.


Companies That Use XFT Products

A wide variety of industries, all with similar challenges – these companies simplify their daily work with XFT products from the Sales & Service and the Purchasing & Legal category.

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