Core Products & Tools

Technology That Connects

Control and Connect Systems and SAP Processes from End to End

Many processes are planned in your SAP environment, but at crucial points they can reach their limits. This is where XFT’s Core Products and Tools come in. They enable you to link your SAP system with other applications. What’s more, you can control cross-departmental business processes, such as obtaining approvals or posting documents in the system, from end to end. We are constantly expanding our portfolio of Core Products to suit the actual needs of our clients.

With the XFT Core Products and tools, you can:

Link your processes to a document manager and thus work more efficiently.

Significantly increase the speed and flexibility of approval processes.

Automatically generate Microsoft Office documents from your SAP data.

Gain an overview of the information and processes in your SAP system.

Want to know how XFT can support you with Core Products and Tools? Read our quick facts for all key information at a glance.

XFT Core Products at a Glance

Lay the foundation for comprehensive, end-to-end information in your SAP environment with XFT’s Core Products and Tools. They enhance your familiar system environment with convenient functions, while forming the basis for our specialist application products.

XFT Task Manager 4S4
Control your processes based on digital files.
  • Combine document and process management.
  • Import files and e-mails from Windows environments.
  • Extend workflows flexibly.
XFT Queue Manager 4S4
Handle background processes consistently, reliably, and transparently.
  • Make background processes more efficient.
  • Ensure system availability.
  • Reduce error rate significantly.
XFT Compliance Cycle 4S4
Easily customize and create your own approval processes.
  • Automate approval processes.
  • Define individual process routes.
  • Document every step in line with legal requirements.
XFT Document Composer 4S4
Create your correspondence automatically with Word, Excel or PDF - based on your SAP data.
  • Create documents in a secure SAP process environment.
  • Avoid external steps and switching between systems in daily work.
  • Create new templates easily.

XFT Tools for Your Front End and More

You don’t need elaborate software for every aspect of your day-to-day business. Quite often, problems can be solved quickly and pragmatically, even with smaller tools. If these tools are seamlessly integrated into your SAP environment, they simplify your work considerably. That’s how XFT works!

The Foundation for Tailored Solutions

Using a foundation of Core Products, we develop products for specific areas of application. These include human resources, purchasing and legal, product and quality management, and sales and service. What happens if your needs are more specific? We can also deliver tailored solutions, drawing from our well-established Core Products.

Why Choose XFT Products?

XFT products enable you to expand the possibilities of your SAP system, while remaining completely in line with the SAP standard. Upgrades can be performed smoothly, future-proofing your product. By implementing our Core Products, you optimize your key business processes, while laying the foundation for XFT’s application products. You are able to replace your existing, isolated solutions in central business areas and no longer have to switch between multiple systems. In this way, you reduce costs and effort.

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