Sampling Simplified

Standard-Compliant Quality Control for Samples – in Your SAP System

Before you mass-produce a component or procure a part for your own manufacturing department, the sample must be fully tested. There are clearly defined standards for sampling, including the US standard PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) and the standard PPF (Production Process and Product Approval) issued by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). There are many steps that require consideration.

XFT PPAP File 4S4 enables you to process all standard requirements directly in your SAP system in line with your schedule – at the specified submission level. Sampling documents are created automatically and can then be exchanged with your suppliers. This allows you to work faster and more productively – while documenting the entire quality management process.

How It Works

You can perform sampling for a material master in SAP systems with just a few clicks. This enables you to easily see what the associated tasks are – depending on the standard and submission level. Measurement results and reports can be assigned during processing.

Once all requirements have been determined and processed, XFT PPAP File 4S4 creates a sampling report summary that includes the associated documents. The software even automatically sends the information to the customer or the supplier. The successful inspection is recorded in the material master data. After this, mass production or procurement can begin. And what if variations occur that you want to test in line with the two-person rule? Then XFT PPAP File 4S4 initiates the appropriate workflow, which incorporates the responsible employees.


Minimized risk: Necessary quality control measures are always completed reliably and on time.

Reduced effort and costs: Recognize deviations in samples and therefore avoid the high follow-up costs that would be caused by defects in mass production. And as sampling documents are automatically created, you free up valuable working hours.

Everything you need from a single source: The centralized sampling process enables you to keep track of all relevant requirements, activities, and actions that arise during the sampling process.

Greater transparency and compliance: The quality check complies with standards and is clearly and fully documented. Sampling documents are centralized and can be simply accessed. Detailed evaluations, for example of all components in a bill of materials, are also possible.

Want to find out more? Our fact sheet gives you a brief overview of all functions and useful information.

Fully Integrated into Your SAP System

Manage sampling processes centrally in your SAP system. In addition, these processes can be integrated into the central SAP master data (material, customer, supplier, and plant). Integration into the SAP module for quality management (SAP QM) relating to inspection plans and inspection lots is also possible.

Companies That Use XFT Products

A wide variety of industries, all with similar challenges – these companies simplify their daily work with XFT products from the Products & Quality category.

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