XFT Sales Document Cycle 4S4

Digitize and optimize approvals in sales

Release: Granted!

How do you release your offers?

Many of your sales activities require you to obtain approvals – from superiors, from other departments or from sales divisions. How much time is lost because the approval processes are unclear or so fixed that they do not fit many scenarios? How often is a colleague who is currently needed unavailable or overlooks the fact that others are still waiting for his or her feedback?

Optimize frequently required approvals. How much automation is up to you: Individual processes started on demand are just as possible as fully automated circulations. Each step is documented in a traceable and legally compliant way.

With XFT Sales Document Cycle 4S4, XFT offers a tool to easily map approval processes in the sales area and integrate them into your existing SAP system.

How it works

No matter if quotations, order confirmations, credit notes, contracts: XFT Sales Document Cycle 4S4 is your point of contact if you need a release process for sales documents.

You start the release process directly at your known SAP documents. Depending on your requirements, the circulation steps are sent to the approvers via SAP Business Workflow and/or e-mail. Using the optionally available SAPUI5 app, each step can also be edited in a web browser and on mobile devices. Via the connection to XFT Who-Does-What, the approvers can be determined automatically. In doing so, the hierarchical levels according to the competence guideline for the document to be approved are taken into account.

Traceability is always guaranteed: An overview of the current and completed approval processes can be displayed from the SAP document. In addition, these processes are documented in log files, which are finally stored in the attachment list of the documents. It is therefore easy to determine who has given a particular release or which one is still pending.


Easy to use: Release processes can be edited or newly created quickly and without in-depth SAP know-how. SAPUI5 interfaces can also be used to integrate SAP remote approvers.

SAP integration: In every release run you can access relevant SAP objects and integrate attachments on the SAP documents.

Efficient implementation: Very fast implementation with little effort.

Full transparency: XFT Sales Document Cycle 4S4 provides a quick overview of ongoing and completed processes.

Want to find out more? Our factsheet gives you a brief overview of all functions and useful information.

Approvals: Clearly defined and yet fully flexible

Do you want to start your approval process manually or should it be done automatically? You decide! The software then sends all relevant documents, notes, SAP and XFT data to the next processor. Or to several if entire groups are to work in parallel. If everything is approved – or rejected – XFT Sales Document Cycle 4S4 creates a detailed log and reports the result to you.

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