XFT Frontend Tools and More

Small Tools, Big Effect

Integrate Documents More Closely into Your SAP Environment

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference. Take integration, for example: It helps when you can work with documents directly in your SAP system, rather than switching between separate programs. A simple idea, but one that can save a lot of time every day. That’s why we constantly develop tools that help your information management run more smoothly.

Frontend Tools

Simplify your daily work. Our frontend tools add useful functions to your working environment and accelerate common processes.

Display your Microsoft Outlook inbox directly beside your XFT application. This enables you transfer e-mails or attachments simply via drag and drop, and browse your e-mails without having to switch to Outlook first. You can also draft e-mails from your SAP system in your familiar Outlook dialog box, and store them in the SAP application after sending.

Move e-mails and attachments from your Outlook client into any SAP application. It’s easy to use, and requires no configuration. Attributes such as sender, recipient, and send date can be transferred easily.

Do you use IBM Lotus Notes for your e-mails? This tool allows you to display your current inbox together with your XFT application and simply transfer e-mails and attachments between them.

Print documents from your XFT applications without needing to first connect your printer to your SAP system. Using the software, you can configure everything from the paper tray to the output color – and print documents from SAPUI5 applications without problems.

The easiest way to transfer files to your SAP solutions – without having to launch the SAP GUI client or the SAPUI5 interface. Simply right-click when using Windows Explorer or an e-mail program. Thanks to single sign-on, you don’t even have to log-in to your SAP system.

More Tools from XFT

We constantly meet new challenges and requirements in our projects. We develop tools to solve these challenges whenever it makes sense to do so – so every XFT customer can benefit from them.

Edit all kinds of XFT files with their related transactions and processes in one place. This helps you maintain an overview – just like cockpit solutions that you may be familiar with. You can easily search for any content. And using favorites and history, you can find important information quicker. In purchasing, for example; all procurement transactions, vendors, contracts, and links to SAP purchasing documents are available at a glance.

Make more out of your documents than the standard tools of your SAP system allow you to. This high-performance, flexibly configurable tool enables you to edit Microsoft Office and many other kinds of document directly within your SAP system. For example, you can sign or comment on PDF documents, without first having to switch to another program.

More Core Products from XFT

XFT Task Manager
Control your processes based on digital files.
XFT Queue Manager
Handle background processes consistently, reliably, and transparently.
XFT Compliance Cycle
Easily customize and create your own approval processes.
XFT Document Composer
Create your correspondence automatically with Word, Excel or PDF - based on your SAP data.
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