XFT Document Composer

When Your Office and the SAP World Merge

From the template to the signing process, all in one tool.

Even if your company relies solely on SAP, you frequently reach the limits of your system and must switch to other applications. This often occurs if you prefer to write new text documents with Microsoft Word, work on spreadsheets with Excel, or fill out interactive forms with a separate PDF tool. How much time could you save if you were able to avoid switching from system to system – without missing out on the convenient functions that you are used to?

XFT Document Composer enables you to create documents directly in your SAP applications – supported by processes and automated to a high level. Processing and filing take place in your secure SAP process environment. As an editor, you are still able to use Word and Excel with a comprehensive template library. This helps you work faster and guarantees you conform with your own corporate identity.

At Home in Any Business Area

XFT Document Composer is so flexible that you can implement the software in just about all areas. It can, for example, be used to create the following documents:

• Employee Contract
• Certificates
• Approvals

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• Invoice returns
• Reversal
• Letters of clarification

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• Quotations
• Correspondence
• Customer sales summaries

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•  Sampling documents
•  Approval documents
•  Supplier documents

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How It Works: Creating Documents and Filling Out PDF Forms in the Context of HR

XFT Document Composer is integrated into your SAP ERP or SAP SuccessFactors system. Whether you wish to work on-premises or in a browser via the cloud, one click is all it takes to instantly create a new document. For this, you can use existing templates or create your own. You can also create serial letters very easily. XFT Document Composer ensures that you adhere to your company’s corporate branding. Thanks to pre-defined text, graphics, and table modules, your documents and templates quickly take shape.

Interactive PDF documents, such as forms for pension insurance, can be processed directly without having to change applications. Once the document has been created or filled in, it can then be processed further. A statement of employment, for example, is automatically stored in the digital personnel file. For an employment contract, you can quickly and easily set up a return function in order to obtain the signature of the new employee.


More efficient document creation: New content is created at the point in the process when it is needed and in the fastest time possible, thanks to templates. The system can even create certain document types automatically.

Templates for specific business areas: Every employee can easily create new templates with text modules, placeholders, and nested structures. Validity periods can also be defined.

Familiar work environment: Users receive the familiarity of Word and Excel and remain in the secure SAP process environment. Depending on your requirements, you can work with SAP GUI or SAPUI5 in the SAP system.

Electronic signature: Signature process and integration of popular signature service providers (Adobe Sign, DocuSign, …).

Want to find out more? Our fact sheet gives you a brief overview of all functions and useful information.

Correspondance Creation from A to Z

Easily create text documents and spreadsheet calculations directly from your SAP system with XFT Document Composer – seamlessly and without changing systems.

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