XFT Zeugnismanager 4S4

Simple, Fair Assessment

Quickly Create Legally Compliant Reference Letters

Although they are a common task, references can present your company with a minor dilemma. Typically, employees are evaluated by their managers. However, few executives understand the ins and outs of the numerous legal hurdles and specific wording required by EU laws when writing a reference. The HR department is aware of these requirements, but it is not involved in the assessment of the employee. In the worst-case scenario, failure to meet these requirements could result in legal action before a labor court.

XFT Zeugnismanager 4S4 enables executives to quickly create legally compliant references, including performance records, references issued during employment, and final references. This means employees can be accurately assessed. Pre-formulated text modules are inserted automatically and can be adapted flexibly.

How It Works

XFT Zeugnismanager 4S4 enables you to create references directly in your on-premise or cloud SAP system – no matter whether you’re using SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors, or the classic SAP ERP HCM system. Managers evaluate individual employee performance based on a simple grading system. The HR department defines exactly how performance is measured. For example, you can set different criteria for different roles, such as trainees and heads of department.

XFT Zeugnismanager 4S4 automatically inserts appropriate legally checked text modules, which can be easily adjusted in Microsoft Word if needed. In addition to the numerous texts supplied, you can also create your own. The end result is a document in your corporate design – signed electronically or by hand and automatically stored in the digital personnel file. You can then send this directly to an employee or simply upload it to the employee portal. In addition, if you need to make changes to the reference, every step is logged.


Full compliance: Create legally compliant references without needing to understand the legal background. All documents stay in your SAP system, and you adhere to data retention periods and deletion time limits.

Reduced effort: No matter whether an employee requests a new reference or the manager creates it, everything can be completed quickly and via mobile devices. Finalized references are automatically stored in the corresponding personnel file.

Seamless integration: Work with your existing SAP or SAP SuccessFactors system and enable web-based access via SAP Employee and Manager Self-Service (SAP ESS and SAP MSS). Career milestones can be transferred from SAP data.

Pre-formulated content: Many legally checked text modules and evaluation criteria are included – so you can get started faster.

Want to find out more? Our fact sheet gives you a brief overview of all functions and useful information.

A Consistent and Flexible Reference Creation Process

Managers can start creating references themselves or wait until they are informed of a new request from an employee. The reference creation process can also start automatically when an employee leaves the company, for example.


Companies That Use XFT Products

A wide variety of industries, all with similar challenges – these companies simplify their daily work with XFT products from the HR category.

See the full list of XFT references here.

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