Success Requires Teamwork

Implement Certified Solutions with Specialists


XFT has been an official SAP partner since 2004. For us, that means a lot more than just a certificate to look good in our brochures. It represents close collaboration and a valued relationship. As former employees in SAP’s basic development, the XFT founders have a tight professional and personal bond with the SAP development department and SAP sales team. We also host consulting projects and training courses together with SAP.

“Midsize focused, practical, uncomplicated – XFT is a specialist in SAP and offers its own high-quality solutions. Everything fits well and runs perfectly on a personal level, with excellent back-and-forth communication in all projects.”
Martin Lorenz Senior Business Expert, All for One Group AG


Faster Support: Open support tickets directly in your familiar SAP Support Portal. You can then select the component XX-PART-XFT. We will be automatically informed and react immediately.

Regular Certification: SAP certifies the XFT Add-on Suite every time a new release becomes available. This ensures that your XFT software will always work in harmony with your SAP system.

Simple Installation and Upgrades: Install the XFT Add-on Suite and any associated upgrades directly from your SAP system.

The XFT Partner Network: There for You

Of course, you can acquire products from the XFT Add-on Suite directly from us. However, perhaps you would prefer to use a partner that’s closer to you or even one that is already supporting another one of your projects. Our partners in sales, implementation, and technology are there to help you. Experts can offer you advice and, where it makes sense, recommend XFT products and implement them directly. It’s teamwork – with you in mind.

Our Partners for Sales and Implementation

ABS Team GmbH

We are one of the most experienced consultancy companies for strategy and implementation of SAP HCM modules. In addition, we offer a complete service that spans the entire project cycle. Even after project completion, many customers value our experience in maintaining SAP ERP HCM/HR systems.

All for One Group AG

All for One Group possesses the largest customer base of midsize companies in the German-speaking SAP market. The full-service provider offers a portfolio of integrated solutions and services for the entire IT value chain. Market observer All for One Group is also among the leading IT service providers in the wider market. It specializes in outsourcing and cloud services, SAP HANA, business analytics and performance management, human capital management and application management services, and communication and collaboration.

anuwo GmbH

anuwo specializes in archiving solutions in document management and data lifecycle management.

20 years of experience in archiving in the SAP environment and our independence from archiving service providers enables us to always find the right archiving strategy for our customers – bridging the gap between standard and customized solutions.

BSP Solutions GmbH

Our focus is transparent mapping and management of business processes in the SAP system. For this, we rely primarily on SAP Folders Management, using it as a business process platform that allows us to easily map non-SAP processes.

CGI Deutschland

Founded in 1976, CGI is a global service provider for IT and business processes. CGI has 69,000 employees in 40 countries, providing business and IT consulting and services in system integration and outsourcing at the highest level.

Cognizant Solutions GmbH

Cognizant Solutions GmbH develops and implements IT solutions for efficient design of automated business processes. Integrating business process management, enterprise content management, and enterprise resource planning helps combine information islands and create homogenous system landscapes or optimize specialized segments.

CPRO Strategy Process & Integration GmbH

With a team of 20 experienced SAP consultants, CPRO Strategy carries out integrative projects for complex document-related processes. These are completed using XFT Task Manager and industry-specific templates with extended control over workflows, tasks, and scheduling. In addition, CPRO Strategy implements XFT’s trusted software products and supports customers with consultants for SAP ERP modules and SAP S/4HANA implementation.

DeConHR GmbH

DeConHR has assumed responsibility for HR IT since its founding in 2000 by four former employees of SAP SI, a subsidiary of the Walldorf-based software provider. The company focuses on process consulting, on-site and remote support, and providing expertise for each component of SAP ERP Human Capital Management.

DMS Consulting

DMS Consulting is a consultancy company for information management, independent of products and manufacturers. We specialize in document management, enterprise content management, and workflows.


GISA is the leading IT service provider in central Germany. The company offers services ranging from process consulting to developing and implementing IT solutions, and outsourcing entire business processes or IT infrastructures.

ic-solution GmbH

ic-solution began as a startup company in 2009 and is now the leading specialized system integrator for multichannel input management, business process management, and robotic process automation with artificial intelligence (AI).

Working with our software partners, we complete projects in automated processing of incoming mail, invoice management, and safe transactions in business processes. We also specialize in application scenarios, such as in HR, quality management, accounts opening, and case management.

To round off our portfolio, we have a long-standing partnership with other leading solutions providers – such as XFT for SAP projects.

Ideo B.V.

Ideo is an SAP consultancy company which supports service and maintenance engineers with IT products to conduct their tasks successfully. Ideo is an expert in a niche market of SAP Customer Services and Enterprise Asset Management. With more than 50 consultants, it has been supplying IT software in the Dutch-speaking market since 1998. Customers from large enterprises and small businesses are served. Whenever a customer needs to improve their service or maintenance, Ideo is the partner to go for.

networker, solutions GmbH

networker, solutions is a provider of SAP solutions for service centers in corporations and for mid-sized companies. The Hamburg-based company offers a combination of commercial and technical expertise in all industries. The company focuses on SAP-integrated contract management with networker’s own contract manager suite.

NOVO Business Consultants AG

NOVO Business Consultants is an independent Swiss IT service provider and consulting company, focused on solution implementation.

Process Partner AG

Process Partner is an SAP consultancy and systems provider awarded with the highest SAP partner status: Platinum. For more than 20 years, we have focused on the needs and requirements of SME companies. We advise our customers on finance and human resources, logistics, and SAP BW and SAP BI, and we implement customer-focused solutions and processes. We also support digital processes with XFT products. Process Partner belongs to the All for One Steeb group.

ProDoCo GmbH

ProDoCo advises midsize companies in a regulated environment. Our services range from analysis, optimization, and implementation of processes, to the introduction of DMS solutions, as well as consulting and support for issues of compliance such as computer system validation.

Our Partners for Technology

ABBYY Europe GmbH

ABBYY is a global supplier of solutions and services for Content IQ. We offer a broad range of AI-based technology and solutions that transform business documents and content into useful information. ABBYY supports companies in a variety of industries with their digital transformation, including firms in banking and insurance, logistics suppliers, and health organizations. ABBYY technologies are used by some of the largest international companies, public institutions and authorities, and SMEs. We also support more than 50 million individual users.


XFT has entered a strategic partnership with IBM Corporation for SAP-centric solutions in enterprise content management (ECM), information lifecycle governance (ILG), and archiving in SAP. This collaboration will strengthen the portfolio and market presence of both companies in the area of document-based business processes. Combined, the firms offer solutions that are perfectly adapted to the SAP environment and guarantee seamless synergy between all software and hardware components. Each party does what it does best: IBM is responsible for capturing, analyzing, and archiving documents, XFT takes care of handling and processing, and SAP manages the underlying business data and processes.

SEAL Systems AG

SEAL Systems is the leading provider of document output management solutions. And with over 1,000 installations, SEAL Systems is the world market leader for output management solutions in the automotive, manufacturing, and engineering sectors.

SoftVision Development GmbH

Based in Fulda, SoftVision Development specializes in software development and supports companies in different industries with future-oriented solutions in e-business. In addition to the established standard products webPDF, n2pdf, and NotesToPaper, the IT specialist’s portfolio also includes custom-developed applications, portals, and systems. The focus is always on supporting key business processes and procedures, thus ensuring reliability, efficiency, and profitability.