XFT Queue Manager 4S4

Runs Like Clockwork

Process Documents and Run Processes in the Background in Your SAP System

Imagine you’re sending a gift. Delivering it to the post office, you expect that it will reach the recipient without incident. Not too early, not too late. And if nobody is there, you expect the mail carrier to redeliver promptly. Ideally, you want to be able to track the delivery status. The same applies with your business processes: They should run reliably in the background, every step should be carried out at the right time, and they should always transparent.

XFT Queue Manager 4S4 makes this possible. The software brings together all necessary functions for connected background processes. For example, you can automatically post invoices, insert documents into files, and process outgoing documents. It’s fast, easy to use, and perfectly timed.

How It Works

Your background processes must run efficiently and, most importantly, be free from error. Technical or functional errors are often discovered too late. And they can be difficult to rectify, especially as many steps in the process are connected and interdependent. For instance, what does the system do when it must post an invoice, but another employee is blocking the transaction?

XFT Queue Manager 4S4 provides the necessary functions to process such queues. You simply create a processing request and the software takes care of the subsequent steps. This generates a securely stored transaction and transmits the relevant data to the recipient. The recipient can then, to use our earlier example, post the invoice. Only then does XFT Queue Manager 4S4 trigger the next step. Detailed monitoring enables you to keep track of the status of all background processes, at all times.

This procedure is particularly important wherever objects can be blocked, where feedback from other employees or systems is required, or if you simply have large amounts of data to process.


Complete data consistency: Avoid errors in background processes from the outset and ensure that even large amounts of data are processed consistently.

Automatic load balancing: Integrated performance optimization ensures that the transport of incoming and outgoing data is optimally controlled.

Integrated reliability: If a step cannot be completed, for example if a document is blocked for processing, the software interrupts the process and continues it later.

Reliable error management: The software reacts if errors occur and offers tools to amend them.

Hidden in the Background, Yet Fully Transparent

All of XFT’s products and solutions use the background processes of XFT Queue Manager 4S4. Many queues are included, but you have the option to create and manage your own with ease. The source data can come from any system: standard SAP applications, XFT extentions, or third-party systems.

Companies That Use XFT Products

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