XFT Invoice Manager 4S4

Accounts Payable Finally Pays Off

Automate Invoice Processing

Your team most likely has to deal with countless incoming invoices every single day. These invoices come from many different sources. Some are digital, some are printed. While some are incomplete, there are multiple versions of others. Checking, posting, and documenting everything takes considerable time and is prone to errors. But there’s no other way… or is there?

XFT Invoice Manager 4S4 enables you to process all incoming invoices in one place. Relevant data and documents from your SAP systems, as well as scanned and electronic invoices, all flow into a central cockpit. You work in your familiar SAP environment for all processes from data entry to posting and approval. You can post most documents automatically and collaborate efficiently across departments thanks to integration with your main accounting system.

How It Works

The core of XFT Invoice Manager 4S4 is the invoice receipt monitor. It gives you a clear, central overview of all incoming invoices – including current status, approval status, due dates, and early payment discount terms. It doesn’t matter how or in which format you receive the invoices. The solution can process invoices via e-mail, OCR scan, or IDoc, and supports formats such as PDF and EuroFaktura.

As soon an invoice appears in your SAP system, XFT Invoice Manager 4S4 initiates an automated process. It first compares the recorded data with existing information such as order and supplier data. The software also checks whether the goods have already been received or whether the service has been rendered in full. If there are any discrepancies, such as a price deviation, the software automatically responds by triggering a predefined workflow to resolve the situation.

If everything is correct, XFT Invoice Manager 4S4 automatically posts the invoice. Otherwise, the integrated approval workflow begins. Your employees can also grant approval anytime and anywhere via smartphone, enabling them to confirm or reject a price deviation, for example. It is even possible to issue return or chargeback documents in the same interface using the templates and text modules included.


Automation boosts efficiency: If the purchase order reference matches the order, then the invoice is automatically posted. You only deal with exceptions.

Transparency over all invoices: The central monitor and reporting and notification functions keep all involved employees informed at all times.

Better collaboration: Accounting, purchasing, and any other department involved all work together with the same data.   

Full compliance: Invoice and accounting data never leaves your SAP system. Every step is fully documented.  

Want to find out more? Our fact sheet gives you a brief overview of all functions and useful information.

Fully Integrated into Your SAP System

Manage your incoming invoices simply and centrally with XFT Invoice Manager 4S4. The software’s service-oriented architecture even makes it possible to integrate SAP systems in different versions and with individual custom developments.

Companies That Use XFT Products

A wide variety of industries, all with similar challenges – these companies simplify their daily work with XFT products from the Purchasing & Legal category.

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