Our SAP Philosophy

Experts for Information

Seamless Integration of Files, Documents, and Processes into Your SAP System

As an SAP user, you know all too well how quickly the world is changing. Technological trends come and go. What’s more, system environments are becoming more complex, rather than simpler. This requires software solutions to remain lean – and that’s where XFT comes in!

At XFT, we believe that business processes are best managed in the SAP environment. And business-related documents are inextricably linked to these processes. That’s why we connect your SAP processes to all of the information your employees need for their daily work. This includes aspects that range from drafting contracts to invoicing, through to personnel files and purchase requisitions.

We also think that enterprise information management (EIM) shouldn’t be oriented towards short-term trends. Our software-based products and solutions complement and enhance your SAP system, so that you can work with more ease, efficiency, and certainty. In this way, you can transform your raw data into tangible business benefits.

We are your experts for information.

“Our high-quality software and objective advice enable companies to seamlessly integrate documents and processes into their existing SAP environment and take full advantage of the benefits.”
Volker Kohlstetter Managing Director, XFT

SAP in the DNA

You could say that SAP is in our genes. Not only was XFT founded by former SAP employees, but we remain faithful to the platforms developed in Walldorf. We accompanied the mySAP strategy, the launch of the first Fiori apps, and now cloud-based business as it grows in popularity. We have always ensured that our products are 100% integrated into the SAP core. Above all, we continue to develop our XFT Add-on Suite with the needs of our customers in mind.

Are you still working with SAP ERP? Or are you already using SAP S/4HANA? Regardless, we are your partner for document management that isn’t isolated from the rest of your IT environment. In fact, everything is as closely interlocked with your regular processes as possible.

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