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xft personnel file sets the standard for electronic personnel files in SAP: fully integrated, well-designed, and powerful. The personnel file provides a quick overview and enhances the transparency of HR work. In addition, comprehensive workflow functions provide optimal support for managing personnel processes.

xft personnel file supports creative work processes and brings structure to many HCM (Human Capital Management) related tasks that could not be automated in the past. Customized setup and a purely SAP based presentation layer allow organizations to implement and adopt the solution within days, not weeks, with an instant return of investment.

Fully archive independent, cost-effective, and completely SAP-embedded, xft personnel file affords complete access to your HR information.

The Digital Personnel File for SAP

xft personnel file brings transparency and efficiency to HR management! No more paper piles, no more overfilled folders, no more "prospecting" for documents; but decluttered filing, quick retrieval, and audit-compliant data storage.

In the personnel file, every document, from application letters to target agreements, finds its place and can be accessed at any time, from anywhere. Working with the digital personnel file is easy, thanks to the well-arranged folder structure, the integrated document preview, and comprehensive search and navigation functions.

HR Workflow Management

The high-performance task and workflow management of xft personnel file turns the digital file into a process management hub for HR.

At a click of the mouse, users can start workflows directly from the file – pre-configured standard processes as well as their own ad-hoc workflows. Dual control workflows can be implemented, as can processes that start automatically (e.g. to delete documents from the file after a certain amount of time).

All active workflows are displayed in the user's SAP Business Workplace inbox, and optionally also sent to his e-mail inbox. The status display provides a quick overview of the status of all workflows and process steps; an integrated deadline monitoring makes sure that users are automatically reminded of due and overdue tasks. Thus xft personnel file provides transparency throughout all HR processes and ensures an efficient processing of tasks.

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