Release note XFT Add-on Suite Release 5.00

Since last December, the new release 5.00 of the XFT Add-on Suite is available. With the new release, XFT adds important functions to existing application products. Another focus remains, as in previous releases, the provision and expansion of SAPUI5 interfaces. Here is an overview of the new functions:

The further development of the application products at a glance

XFT Certificate Manager

Certificates created with XFT Zeugnismanager can now be processed in different languages and with additional assessors in one process. The web application has undergone further development – our users can expect an appealing and clear interface tailored to their needs. All new features around XFT Zeugnismanager can be found in detail in our release notes.

XFT Personnel File

The SAPUI5 interfaces of XFT Personnel File have been significantly improved. The storage of documents is possible via drag and drop from the Windows Explorer for the storage of single documents as well as for several files merged to one document. The integration of document previews makes it easier to find stored documents.

Approvals in SAPUI5 interfaces are now possible from the XFT Cycle Worklist and also from the SAP Fiori My Inbox, and approvals can now also be given directly by e-mail. Furthermore, the customer-specific extension of the search for personnel files from the SAP Fiori Launchpad has been simplified.

In general, the customizing of processes has been improved, which now makes it even easier to integrate new releases into the personnel files.

XFT Personnel Manager

With the new release, the agent cockpits for XFT Personnel Manager are also available in SAPUI5. An additional OData service and new customizing now also offer the possibility to map dynamic multi-step forms. Through customizing, however, SAPUI5 application forms that have already been implemented can also be integrated into the new interfaces without adaptation.

In addition to the new GOS Service, which jumps to a personnel number-dependent cockpit, personnel number-dependent searches and jumps for XFT Personnel File, XFT Document Composer (forms workstation), XFT Certificate Manager and also for XFT Personnel Manager itself can now be performed from a personnel process file.

XFT Contract Manager

The SAPUI5 interfaces of the XFT Contract Manager have been enhanced in this release. Essential editing functions such as the storage of documents or the editing of contract data have been added. In addition, it is now possible to create new master agreements in SAPUI5 interfaces.

In addition to the management of contract deadlines, XFT Contract Manager now also allows the maintenance of additional periodic deadlines.

XFT Confirmation Manager

The most important further development of the XFT Confirmation Manager for Release 5.00 was the integration of SAP ADK archiving. This simplifies proper archiving and deletion.

XFT Invoice Manager

With the new release, XFT Invoice Manager has been enhanced with a SAPUI5 app that allows to submit personal documents and manage them. Furthermore, the automatic posting in MM and FI has been improved and extended by a simulation mode. The new version is rounded off with the connection of SAP ADK archiving, MS Outlook (desktop app) and MS Excel (upload of files with FI posting lines).


XFT PPAP File has been enhanced to fully support the 6th edition of the VDA Volume 2 standard. From reconciliation to release, all information is collected in the sampling file. Documents from the new VDA2 forms are pre-captured and automatically created.

XFT Change Manager

By decomposing the change process to the task level, XFT Change Manager has made the processing and monitoring of change operations more flexible and efficient. In addition, the integration of the XFT Dynamic Worklist (DWL) simplifies the work of process and task owners.

XFT Sales Manager

XFT Sales Manager has been improved in many directions: the setup of SAPUI5 interfaces in customer projects has been simplified and the options for creating quotations with XFT Document Composer have been expanded. In the integration with SAP standard objects, the synchronization of the SAP document flow including Archive Link attachments has been optimized and the jumps from SAP documents to the files have been extended.

XFT Sales Document Cycle

With the new release, monitoring of ongoing and completed document releases with XFT Sales Document Cycle has become clearer.

XFT Machine File

The synchronization of service messages and orders as well as other relevant SAP documents with the XFT Machine File has been significantly refined.

XFT Billing Manager

With release 5.00, XFT Billing Manager provides comprehensive options for entering invoice transactions via various input interfaces, e.g. via web service. In addition, XInvoices can now be automatically generated and sent by e-mail – both from transactions with SD documents and those relating exclusively to FI postings. Flexible workflows are enabled by the option to insert existing SAP documents into invoice transactions and support for collective invoices.

The further development of the basic products at a glance

XFT Document Composer

With the new release, electronic signatures have been integrated into our document creation. Work instructions, automatic renaming in case of relevant changes and the provision of ad hoc processes have made document creation even more convenient. All new features around XFT Document Composer can be found in detail in our Release Notes.

XFT Task Manager

XFT Task Manager offers a task/appointment dialog with integrated serial appointment function. Deadline monitoring with reminder mail is available via integration with the new XFT Work List (DWL).

The XFT Task Manager SAPUI5 interface allows documents to be stored in the file solution via drag & drop. An easily extendable SAPUI5 search is available for the entry into the file processing and for the creation. Furthermore, the SAPUI5 file interface is integrated into the execution of the XFT Compliance Cycle.

XFT Queue Manager

In XFT Queue Manager, error handling has been improved again for the new release: In addition to improvements to the error overview added to XFT 4.90, dumps in the processes are now also monitored and long-running processes can be easily identified. In addition, there are new options for informing administrators directly by e-mail about errors that occur – without the use of SAP Alert Management.

XFT Compliance Cycle

With the new release, users have additional options for processing tasks from XFT Compliance Cycle: The SAPUI5 approval interface is now fully integrated with SAP Fiori My Inbox. For users who use the SAPGUI client, there is now also an XFT own inbox – the XFT Dynamic Worklist (DWL) – in addition to the SAP Business Workplace. Here, the configuration options of the task lists are much more flexible and convenient for users.

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