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A product or material change requires many steps in different affected areas within an organization, such as engineering department, production, sales, financials, and services department. All areas need to react to the changed conditions and all change aspects need to be coordinated centrally to meet the required timelines. xft engineering change management is a best practice solution for a core process in industry verticals such as manufacturing, aerospace & defense, chemical plants and pharmaceuticals.

From Document Management to Information Management

Processes in product development and manufacturing are often very complex and require the correct handling of a huge amount of information. At the same time, the quality demands on them are extremely high, as even tiny deviations or errors can cause immense follow-up costs. The quality and efficiency of the processes depend not least on how well the information is integrated into the process context and how it is used.

Documents become information

One of the first important steps is to provide all documents occuring in the process, from project planning lists through technical drawings and e-mails, centrally and in a structured form. However, to take quality and reliability one step further, it is crucial to tap the information contained in them and make it usable for process management.

And that is precisely what xft’s products and solutions for industry do. All information and documents that are relevant for the process are brought together in the SAP system and used to manage the process as a whole, as well as its subprocesses. This way, everyone involved in the process have constant access to all information needed, and they can even see at what stage the process currently is.

Efficiency and reliability

The xft solutions accomplish even more: They not only make processes transparent, but actively guide users and offer them the best possible support for completing their work. The system can handle multiple tedious routine tasks itself; with others that require examination or clearance, it ensures that all the specifications and deadlines are met – e.g. by drawing attention to discrepancies and deviations or sending reminders. This not only means less work and more time saved for users, but also makes the process more efficient and reliable as a whole.

xft for Make-to-Order Production

xft solutions for make-to-order production focus on document and information management. Particularly in product development and configuration, a huge amount of information is accrued that later, during the product’s lifetime, must be available to others within the company – for example, for assembly or maintenance. While the focus of a sales order file or a project file is on information about product development (specifications, feasibility studies, test results, check logs, technical drawings, material masters, bills of material etc.), the knowledge about the actual end product is gathered in the equipment file. The equipment file not only shows the delivery status and necessary information for sales, but also documents all changes that have been made within the scope of maintenance and repair work.

xft for Series and Mass Production

While solutions for make-to-order production document and integrate the entire product lifecycle, xft solutions for series and mass production focus on three particularly critical processes: the management of development projects, change management, and the production part approval process. All three have, on the one hand, extremely high quality demands; on the other hand, they involve an often confusing flood of documents and information. The xft solutions merge all relevant information and provide it at the place where it is needed; they trigger process steps when all previous steps have been executed and all conditions have been met; and they ensure that all necessary tests and quality standards are adhered to at all times. Thanks to the integration of web interfaces and collaboration platforms such as SAP cFolders, cooperation with process partners beyond the company’s own SAP system (for example, suppliers) becomes straightforward.

xft and GxP

For industries subject to strict regulations, xft solutions offer yet more advantages. Thanks to continuous logging and complete documentation of the processes, all audit and compliance requirements are met. Fine-tuned release and control processes result in the greatest possible process security. And with xft sop manager, a standard solution for the administration and version management of standard operating procedures is already available.


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