XFT and webPDF – the perfect conversion tool for use with SAP

Oct., 18 2019
Our partner SoftVision has published an article about the cooperation in the area of webPDF conversion software.

How exactly did the collaboration with XFT come about and in what form is webPDF used? Marcus Bonn (Head of Human Capital Management at XFT) provided essential background information and valuable insights.


webPDF – the perfect conversion tool for use with SAP
webPDF is currently a key building block within the XFT Document Composer, a core product that can be used across any department or activity. The XFT Document Composer lets you easily create and edit Word and Excel documents directly from your SAP system. It can also create certain document types automatically. Benefits include the fact that documents are generated in your secure SAP environment with no need to change systems. (…)

About SoftVision
Based in Fulda, SoftVision Development specializes in software development and supports companies in different industries with future-oriented solutions in e-business. In addition to the established standard products webPDF, n2pdf, and NotesToPaper, the IT specialist’s portfolio also includes custom-developed applications, portals, and systems. The focus is always on supporting key business processes and procedures, thus ensuring reliability, efficiency, and profitability.

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