Announcement XFT Add-on Suite Release 4.90

28. July 2020

The new release 4.90 of the XFT Add-on Suite has been available since 03.08.2020. With the new release XFT brings out some new application products in the areas “Sales & Service” and “Product & Quality” and adds important functions to existing application products. Another focus remains, as in the previous release, the provision of SAPUI5 interfaces.

New products at a glance

XFT Change Manager

XFT Change Manager supports the change process in companies, starting with the change request (ECR), through the change order (ECO), to implementation in the plants (MCO). The scope of change can be supplemented by the materials in bills of material or bill of material explosion. Information from the material master and logistics (e.g. plant allocation, procurement type, stock) is displayed and evaluated. From this information, the areas and processors for the release and distribution of tasks are determined. Agents are notified of their tasks via workflow and e-mails. A worklist of tasks is displayed according to areas (e.g. purchasing). Automatic confirmation of tasks can be achieved by mapping logistical scenarios (e.g. sampling). The scheduling of tasks and steps is controlled at each level by the planned implementation date.

XFT Sales Document Cycle

With XFT Sales Document Cycle, XFT offers a tool for approving customer quotations and orders and related SAP documents. In order to easily integrate all involved users into the process, the release is also possible via SAPUI5 interfaces.

XFT Machine File

Many complex machines lead a long life at the customer’s site. That’s why predictive maintenance and repair and fast service in the event of machine breakdowns are essential. XFT Machine File is now available to keep track of all SAP receipts, documents and tasks for a machine right from the start. This means that you can always obtain information about everything that has already been converted on this machine and which services have been performed.

XFT Billing Manager

With XFT Billing Manager the creation of outgoing invoices can be controlled via a central monitor. The data required for posting an SD or FI document can be entered in various ways. Additionally, notes and documents can be inserted. Jumps to the relevant SAP transactions are easily possible from XFT Billing Manager; workflows for the release of invoices or for input can be started directly. Comprehensive logging ensures complete transparency in the billing process.

The further development of the application products at a glance

XFT Personnel File

With the release upgrade, the migration of documents from SAP SuccessFactors to the applicant or employee is greatly simplified and expanded. Due to the availability of corresponding OData services from XFT, all known middleware products can be used for migration. Extensive customizing enables greater flexibility during migration. Existing XFT input processes can of course be used in these migration scenarios to map approval and classification steps or to use a conversion.
In addition, the well-known SAPUI5 Self Service for storing documents in the personnel file was optimized. Thanks to extended configuration options, it can now be used even more easily in other scenarios.

XFT Personnel Manager

XFT Personnel Manager is now also available in SAPUI5 This means that all SAP interfaces (SAP GUI, WebDynpro and SAPUI5) are supported. In addition to that, there are now individually customizable agent cockpits with different views (e.g. all processes of my team as MSS, my requests as ESS, …). By extending the search with individually adjustable matchcodes for input fields, the search becomes even more comfortable.

XFT Certificate Manager

With the new release, XFT Zeugnismanager offers all process participants the possibility to process certificates more efficiently and comfortably in a SAPUI5 web interface. This includes role-optimized views as well as integrated document processing. In addition, the evaluation criteria have been given a new, intuitively accessible and clear design. Newly added are the individual evaluation criteria, for which the text is entered manually by the evaluator. All texts stored in the certificate manager can now be maintained in a non-binary option in addition to a male and a female option.

XFT Invoice Manager

With the new release, XFT Invoice Manager can receive and process electronic invoices (XInvoice). For public clients the acceptance of electronic invoices is already mandatory, but also for other companies an added value is created by the fast and efficient processing of invoices. In addition, XFT Invoice Manager has been extended to include cross-company code FI invoices and FI down payment processes.

XFT Contract Manager

A SAPUI5 interface is delivered for XFT Contract Manager, which visualizes contract properties such as header data, dates and contract partners as well as contract documents and relationships to other contracts. It is also possible to search for contracts using important contract-specific data in SAPUI5 interfaces.
The contract dates have been revised and are now displayed textually, including all renewal options.


The functions for sampling towards the customer have been extended. As of this release, the customer decision can be made at the receivables level. This information is transferred both to the folders in the sampling file and to the newly created sampling report. When sampling a family of parts, the individual sampling files or reports are not created until the customer decision is made.

The further development of the basic products at a glance

XFT Task Manager

XFT Task Manager now offers a framework for the file solution in SAPUI5 in which the SAPUI5 components can be integrated. This will make it possible to adapt the view of the files more flexibly. It will also be possible to display record nodes and documents. The new action control interface of the XFT Task Manager simplifies the mapping of complex process flows. This not only increases clarity, but also extends the range of functions.

XFT Document Composer

With the new release, XFT Document Composer offers two views of form processing in the SAPUI5 interface. The already existing clear display of all documents is extended by the integrated view of the document content (PDF converter required). A new feature for forms is the easy integration into files, especially personnel files, but also the automatic sending of e-mails for completed documents is now easily configurable. Furthermore, non-binary options are supported for inflections. In the new version, dates can be easily calculated during template creation.

With this announcement we inform about planned further developments. This is for information purposes only and should not be understood as a binding promise to implement a corresponding functionality. XFT reserves the right to change the subject, scope and characteristics of the further development activities. Binding information on new functions will be provided after release as detailed release notes in the XFT service portal at (registration/user ID required).

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