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Turning Human Resources into a strategic business partner within an organization can be a challenge. Human resource business processes are often regarded as purely administrative. In many companies the strategic value of HCM (human capital management) is often underestimated and potentially overlooked. While SAP® offers clear value in aligning the HR function and workforce with business values and in integrating the HCM function with consolidated business processes, it is sometimes perceived as not adding enough strategic value to HCM processes.

The situation – SAP ERP Accounts Payable

SAP ERP FI and SAP Accounts Payable (AP) is considered a core application within the SAP business framework. Almost every company using SAP has deployed this core SAP functionality. SAP FI has been around since the earliest versions of SAP.

In the past the exchange of billing information happened in form of paper invoices that got processed manually, coming in through the central in-house mail service, being approved on paper and then processed off the paper form by a companies invoicing department. Only then the automation provided by SAP ERP FI started to kick-in and the process was well documented and automated from here on.

A product or material change requires many steps in different affected areas within an organization, such as engineering department, production, sales, financials, and services department. All areas need to react to the changed conditions and all change aspects need to be coordinated centrally to meet the required timelines. xft engineering change management is a best practice solution for a core process in industry verticals such as manufacturing, aerospace & defense, chemical plants and pharmaceuticals.

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