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With xft document composer, xft provides yet another component for a fully integrated process and document management within SAP. xft document composer enables you to generate documents straight from SAP applications – centrally, flexibly, and seamlessly integrating with both your SAP and your office environment. Because users can still use the word processor they know best: Microsoft Word.

Document generation directly in SAP – with Microsoft Word

A holistic document and process management is only really complete if not only existing documents are made centrally available and included in the process context, but also newly created documents. On the other hand, users are reluctant to use anything else but their tried-and-true word-processing program – and in most cases, this is Microsoft Word.
xft document composer makes both possible. Documents can be generated directly from the SAP applications, and they are processed completely centrally in the SAP system. However, users work with Microsoft Word as the viewer and editor. As a result, there are no longer any discontinuities between the documents and the data contained in them and, what’s more, a bridge is built between the SAP system and the users’ regular office application environment.

Scope of application

  • Personnel management: certifications, circulars, HR master data sheets...
  • Purchasing: quotations, contracts...
  • Customer care and service: letters, messages, customer fact sheets...
  • Invoice receipt processing: invoice returns, vendor master data sheets...
  • Product lifecycle: sampling documents, collaborative engineering, release documents, vendor summaries, test results sheets...


  • Documents are generated directly in SAP and do not leave the integrated process environment at any time.
  • Documents can be generated directly in the context of the process – even automatically, in the background, without user activity.
  • Central data storage in SAP enables direct access to data from the SAP applications, without data replication or additional interfaces, plus a high reusability of processed data and text modules.
  • Thanks to the use of the SAP authorization system for access to templates, modules, and data, sensitive information and processes are optimally protected.
  • There’s no need to set up a dedicated, separate infrastructure: xft document composer runs on your existing SAP system. No installation is necessary on the client side – users just need Microsoft Word for displaying and editing documents.
  • Because the documents that are generated can also be edited, xft document composer is also suitable for producing texts in contexts that are not fully regulated or standardized.

Templates – the foundation of documents

The basis of a template is a normal Word file into which placeholders for data, text modules, or tables are inserted. The data is mapped in xft document composer simply using drag and drop. You don’t need special programming skills to create templates, which means this task can also be done by business departments. With the condition editor, rules can be formulated according to which certain placeholders are filled when a document is generated. Furthermore, different variants can be created for a template (for example, for different organizational units in a company), and the correct one is selected automatically later.
Screenshot: Template management: the template builder

Creating documents

Document creation can be triggered in a number of ways:

  • by calling a special SAP transaction, either directly in SAP or using a button available in the relevant SAP application;
  • at the document cockpit, which shows the user’s templates, favorites, and recently created and edited documents;
  • automatically in the background, without active involvement of a user.

Based on application-specific attributes, the system first automatically selects the correct variant of the template. Then the document opens or a user dialog appears (depending on the implementation and the application context). This dialog can offer a selection of appropriate templates or can prompt more information that is not yet known from the application context.

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