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xft contract manager provides comprehensive contract management in SAP, bringing together all the relevant contract information from both SAP and non-SAP contracts in one central place. Powerful deadline and workflow management functions give you the best support throughout the entire lifecycle of a contract, from initiation and creation through extension or termination.

The Contract Organizer

In today’s companies, hardly anything works without a contract. Acquisition contracts, master agreements with partners and suppliers, service contracts, employment contracts, rental contracts – all of these form the basis for doing business. With xft contract manager, you not only retain an overview of your contracts, but you also receive support at every stage of the contract lifecycle – from initiation through extension or termination. Contract management is accessed through the contract organizer. It displays, among other things, the list of contract types, the contracts most recently handled, and the user’s personal favorite contracts, giving fast access to current or frequently required contracts. With the cross-contract search function, contracts can be found effectively according to deadline, agent, or other contract attributes. What’s more, you can display how each contract is related to other contracts, for example, to master agreements. And thanks to the role-based authorization concept, each user only sees what he or she is allowed to see.

The Contract File

In the contract file, all the information about the contract is stored centrally. The header and structure can be configured differently depending on the type of contract. The header displays the most important contract attributes and deadlines at a glance. The file contains not only all the documents directly related to the contract, but also information about contract partners, contract relationships, and any other SAP objects.

With the help of integrated Microsoft Word templates, standard documents can be created and extracted straight from the file. Documents from the file system can be moved to the contract file simply using drag and drop, and xft document connector provides additional integration of Microsoft Office and e-mail.

The integrated checklist function and status management make contract management transparent and ensure that all the organizational requirements are met.

Contract Management Throughout the Entire Contract Lifecycle

xft contract manager helps you manage contracts throughout the entire lifecycle, from creation through extension or termination. One of the most central and powerful functional areas covers deadline and status monitoring, seamlessly integrated into the contract file. Rules can be defined to automatically trigger system activities as soon as previously specified deadlines are reached (for example, the start of a contract, the end of a contract, the notice period, the minimum and maximum term) or if there is a change in status (for example, if a contract becomes effective or expires). A particularly important feature is the system’s ability to inform a previously defined distribution list about imminent deadlines or changes in status using the SAP workflow or e-mail.

Changes to the contract, the file, and the content of the file are automatically logged by the system, so that they can be traced completely at any time.

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