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Dr. Torsten Fenske

Dr. Fenske heads xft's Development department together with Norbert Schroeder. He is also responsible for Quality Management, Software Logistics and Human Resources. During his time at SAP, he was a member of the ArchiveLink development group and specialized in the area of Quality Assurance. He also made a significant contribution to the development of DocumentFinder.

Volker Kohlstetter

Mr. Kohlstetter is responsible for Sales, Marketing and Training at xft. He is also active as a consultant on customer projects. He previously worked at SAP on document integration and workflow in the areas of development, training, product management as well as in consultancy and implementation projects.

Gerhard Scherer

Mr. Scherer heads the Consulting division at xft and is also responsible for Finance and Controlling, as well as Personnel Development. He was one of the first at SAP to work in the area of Document Management – as a consultant, product manager, and developer. This commitment eventually resulted in the formation of the ArchiveLink development group, which he set up and managed for several years.

Dr. Norbert Schroeder

Dr. Schroeder heads xft's Development department together with Torsten Fenske. He is also responsible for Facility Management. During his time at SAP, he was responsible for the areas of Development, Product Management, and Software Architecture. He is the spiritual father and co-developer of SAP Knowledge Provider (SAP KPro) and the Service Provider Framework on which SAP Records Management/SAP Folders Management and SAP Case Management are based.


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