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1. xft is 100% committed to SAP.

Instead of working in an isolated document management system, you work within the platform where all relevant business data and information are. This is what truly integrated information management means – it’s much more than classic ECM!

2. xft connects document with process management.

A record is not only the central repository of all information on a business transaction (documents initially on paper as well as electronic documents and SAP master data), but it’s the hub of xft’s high-performance workflow management. In the record, everyone involved in a process can access all information needed at any time – a critical prerequisite to ensure that all processes run seamlessly and efficiently.

3. xft solutions are fully modular.

Our products and solutions are based on the principles of service-oriented architecture (SOA). This allows us to meet even the most complex individual requirements with our standard solutions most of the time. As a result, you benefit from short project runtimes, high product stability and full support coverage – without sacrificing flexibility.

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