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As the name suggests, a software developer develops software. This does not usually mean the individual implementations at customers, but programs that are part of a complete product and are sold in the form of standard software.

SAP consultant is quite a vague term. Nevertheless, it expresses exactly what the job is about: Consultants give advice. And SAP consultants know all about SAP software. Even more, at xft consultants also have a good knowledge of xft's software products.
If a customer wants to implement an xft product, they'll need an SAP consultant. The consultant gets together with the customer to find out what exactly they need and what the product should be able to do. He or she then thinks about how the xft products and the connected SAP systems need to be set up so that everything fits. And he or she ensures that precisely this happens. This makes a consultant a mixture of an expert, a project manager, and a programmer – because once the implementation gets going at a customer site, consultants also need to join in and lend a hand.

A software engineer develops software solutions for the customer, just as a consultant is also sometimes required to do. But software engineers typically go into greater detail than consultants.

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