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At xft, many things are very modern – from project management through flexible working hours. But our values are timeless, some might even consider them old-fashioned: fairness when dealing with each other and our customers, an awareness of quality and a sense of responsibility, the courage to tread new paths, an opinion of your own, even if you beg to differ from your boss.

Perhaps it's because we're small. Every employee counts. We can't afford political intrigues or endless meetings where the only result is another huge PowerPoint presentation. At xft, hierarchies are flat, you know everyone personally, and if you have something to discuss, you don't need to make an appointment first – you just walk over to that person's desk. If you think a team is there to make others do your work, you won't get far. If, on the other hand, you get on with your work quietly and diligently, without constantly blowing your own trumpet, you can be sure that your performance will be recognized.

Our grandparents would have probably called it "honest work." We simply call it good cooperation, in which everyone contributes their strengths and therefore can also have weaknesses, in which we look for and find different perspectives, in which everyone does their best and therefore goes home at the end of the working day with a sense of achievement.

Another aspect of good cooperation is to try not to make promises we can't keep. This is something our customers appreciate as well, even it means that we sometimes have to say: sorry, that's not possible. Not yet, anyway...

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